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Who we are

The Terahertz Communications Lab is a joint activity of three research groups at the Technical University of Braunschweig and one at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt also in Braunschweig. It aims to satisfy the future needs of the information society regarding wireless bandwidth.

The conceptual work performed at the TCL is at the forefront of international research on terahertz communication systems.


Members of the Terahertz Communications Lab co-found company to provide a software solution for THz spectroscopy data extraction.

Marburg Germany, 05-11-2011. Determining the material parameters of indoor building materials is crucial for the development of reliable channel models for THz communication. The newly founded Lytera UG is the first company in the market that offers a user-friendly software solution for simplifying this task. The university spin-off recently introduced the TeraLyzer Data Extraction Suite, which combines different state-of-the-art algorithms to simultaneously extract the dielectric properties and the geometrical thickness of a sample from THz spectroscopy measurements. The software includes a thorough error-propagation model and can also be used to analyze multi-layer structures making it the ideal solution for research labs where a maximum of accuracy and a high degree of flexibility is required. "THz waves provide us with a plethora of information about a sample. The TeraLyzer software extracts this information reliably with an easy-to-use interface. The implemented error propagation model and the possibility to analyze multi-layer-systems are particularly appealing from a scientific point of view." says Professor Martin Koch, cofounder of the company and member of the Terahertz Communication Lab.

Lytera UG offers the software to end-users as well as to THz system distributors. For more information visit (